November 21, 2011

Stand Out with Boticca

Este é o primeiro guest post aqui do blog. A editora de moda da Boticca, um site de compra e venda de acessórios e joalharia de designers emergentes de todo o mundo, contando para já com 230 designers de quase 40 países, é a autora do post de hoje, onde nos explica um pouco sobre a ideia do site e nos apresenta algumas peças que podem comprar lá e os seus criadores.
Espero que gostem.

This is the first guest post of my blog. The fashion editor of Boticca, an online marketplace of designer jewelry and accessories from all over the world, so far they have 230 designers from almost 40 countries, is the author of today's post, where she is going to explain a little the idea of the site and will present some pieces that can be bought there and its creators.
Hope you like it.

Boticca guest post by Poppy Skinner

The festive period brings with it many things and one of the main ones is the plethora of parties that seem to get suddenly crammed into this two-month celebratory marathon. With so many parties to attend, how do you make sure you stand out for all the right reasons? How do you make sure that you don’t walk into a party to realize that, shock horror, there are three other girls wearing the same accessories as you? You want to know? Boticca is how.

Boticca is a new and exciting marketplace full to the brim of the world’s finest emerging jewelry and accessory talent. The brainchild of Kiyan Foroughi and Avid Larizadeh, the creative spark behind Boticca was lit in Morocco. Kiyan happened to meet a designer called Miriam in the souks and was quickly enchanted by her work. He quickly discovered that there was far more than just beauty to her work, it went further than that with her designs having both a meaning and a story. Frustrated with the fact that only a few lucky people would get to experience her pieces, Kiyan and Avid sought to change that and that is how Boticca came to be

So, during the festive period our thoughts inevitably turn to looking good and standing out. Feeling fashionably festive I have decided to channel a chic black and gold vibe this year, both for practicality and sheer fashion-savvy reasons.

First on my list is Emma Guest’s Gold and ebony bird necklace. Quirky and fun, this plastic and sterling silver chain is the perfect day to evening number.

Keeping with the necklace theme, with a number of evening soirees’s to attend this year; I am planning on vamping it up with Elvira Sazesh’s Golden Ring Necklace. The perfect combination of high-octane glam meets unique chic.

Next on my list is Caipora Jewellery’s art necklace. Never one to rest on my fashion laurels, this is the perfect family gathering beauty.

When it comes to bracelets, I like them big and bold and Zelia Horsley’s BLOCK&ROLL BRACELET is perfect for those work festive drinks where you don’t want to look too overdone. With my husband’s company hosting festive parties this year too, I have to find the perfect balance between chic fashionista meets corporate guru. Hating the feeling of being overdressed, especially when it’s around a new crowd, something like Origami Jewellery’s Big Magic Ball necklace should see me through in style.   

For more gold chain necklaces and cuff bracelets, visit


  1. Gorgeous those necklaces! x

  2. Lindos os colares **

  3. Awesome items! Those necklaces are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  4. Que post bonitoo. adorei as peças, são mesmo únicas :)


  5. ais,me encantan esos collares!!
    besos Laura y feliz semana=)

  6. ohh that last necklace is BEAUTIFUL! these are fun statement pieces

  7. Gosto imenso!!

    Saltos de Cristal

  8. o0o0 wow!
    I want some of them haha they all look really nice.

  9. totally loving the 2nd one :D

  10. wow, i love every necklace. wonderful. i made some necklaces, you can find it below my header (DIY).
    hope you'll like it.
    i'm following you now. your blog is wonderful.
    hope you'll have a look at my blog too and if you like it, you can follow me too, i'll be waiting for you.
    lovely greets and a wonderful weekend.
    maren anita

  11. oh my those pieces are intriguing, love love love the deep black big bold necklace! how fabulous would it look during the holidays! perfect post and thanks for the tip

  12. My favourite is the gorgeous, intricate black collar love!

    -LAURA xx


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