April 30, 2011

Balmain's new designer

Depois de Sarah Burton (agora na boca de todo o mundo pelo vestido para o casamento real) substituir Alexander McQueen como designer da marca, uma pessoa já da própria casa em vez de um designer de renome, é a vez de o mesmo se passar com Balmain, que pretendia preencher o vazio depois da saída de Christophe Decarnin.
O novo designer da marca é Olivier Rousteing, já ouviram falar? Mas vão passar a ouvir.
Mais uma marca que decidiu apostar pelo talento já existente dentro da própria.
Agora é esperar para ver.

After Sarah Burton (now on everyone’s hears because of the royal wedding dress) took the place of Alexander McQueen as the new designer for the brand, one person from the inside instead of a known designer, it's time to Balmain to do the same move after the depart of Christophe Decarnin.
The Balmain's designer is Olivier Rousteing, have you heard of him? Well, you're about to hear plenty, I’m sure.
One more label that decided to take a chance on an inside talent.
Now we just have to wait and see


  1. Olivier is on another level! such an amaze extensive fashion background and so young still he is gonna be beyond for Balmain!! thanks for your comment too sweets <3


  2. veremos se somos bem servidos!


  3. hope that he will make good things .
    thans for your comment :)

  4. can't wait to see what he comes out with :)


  5. Well,I haven't heard of him,but I'm curious about his works. And about S.Burton - I don't agree with all these people, who cherish her design of the royal dress. If you take a look on Grace Kelly's wedding dress you'll see that Sarah has only changed Kelly's dress. So I'm glad that a new designer is about to work :) And thank you so much for sharing your opinion on my blog, I'm always very interested in it :) Step on by more often. Kisses!


  6. I cant wait to see his work!



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