May 2, 2012

Streetstyle creating trends

Mais um artigo da minha autoria foi publicado na Nstyle Magazine, desta vez sobre a influência do Streetstyle na Moda e nas tendências. Para lerem o artigo completo vão a Nstyle Mag,
Espero que gostem.


Another one of my articles was published in the online magazine, Nstyle Magazine, this time about the influence of Streetstyle on fashion and trends. To see the article go to Nstyle Mag.
Hope you like it.

Here is the English translation of the article.

"The fashion world is in constant change and evolution, sometimes it's hard to understand how and why it appears, what inspires the designers to create their collections and what inspires people to dress. Which ones dictate the trends, the designers or the people in the street?
Before, collections (the so-called fashion) and what was seen on the streets were two completely different things and independent from one another, but the two eventually came together and blended, and nowadays we can't figure out when one starts and the other ends.
Since the 70's, when Vivienne Westwood was inspired by the punk culture in London, by the people, the urban tribes she saw on the street, and transported that movement to fashion, many designers started to look in the streets for inspiration and new trends.
While in the past the examples to follow were great actresses and models, now there are also ordinary people that we can see on the streets, that bring their own unique flavour to what they wear, interpreting fashion their own way. Each passing day we are more captivated by the way "people like us", with creativity and imagination, put together their outfits and their style.

Photographers and streetstyle sites have helped a lot with this phenomenon, transforming people from the street in real fashion icons. Many have a great eye for trends, to what is new and cool like Scott Schuman, the photographer and blogger from the well known site The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton from Jak&Jil or Yvan Rodic from Face Hunter. Others simply share their own day to day outfits whether on their personal blogs, like Leandra from the Man Repeller, Chiara from The Blonde Salad or Kelly Framel from The Glamourai, owners of blogs with thousands of visits each day, or in sites like, an online community where anyone can share their favourite looks.

This blog explosion makes people have access to information a lot faster. They don't have to wait for the fashion weeks season to have access to new trends because they can see them almost instantly, any day any time, on the streetstyle photos, on people just like us walking in the street on their way to work or coming home, on people who have a unique style and for that capture everyone's attention, creating their own trends and inspiring people all over the world to step out of their comfort zone and risk on something different.

It's not models wearing carefully chosen looks from brands with lots of zeros on the price tag or posing in a magazine, it's people dressed for their day to day activities that interpret what they have and what is given by the fashion industry, mixing designer pieces with low cost ones, creating a bridge between high fashion and urban.
Labels look at these new trend-setters and have into account their choices when creating a new collection. On fashion week the attentions are split. Runway shows are not the only thing grabbing the photographers eye or creating trends, but also who goes to the shows and how they're dressed.
Nowadays, we live in a world where inspiration can come from everywhere, from the people who pass us in the street, to the magazines and runway shows, and even the numerous blogs. We are in a time when we are not only fashion spectators, we are part of it. Today, fashion is not only dictated by the designers from well known brands but also by the consumer that inspires and gets inspired by it."



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  4. Adorei o artigo, parabéns! :)*

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  8. I adore this post - such a great image too!


  9. mts parabens querida. deveras interessante ;)

  10. Oh sua sortuda, mais um artigo? :):) Muitos parabéns, está muito bom!


  11. Que sorte! Parabéns :)

    I think you made some great points like how the lines of street fashion and runway fashion has been burred. You also had great interesting facts like how Vivienne Westwood was inspired by London's punk fashion. Great job !
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Tarah and the City

  13. great article - spot on. fashion choices and pieces are more attainable for the average day person - not just celebrities/designers/models with cash and connections. inspiration can come anywhere. and the trend is personal style rather than one style trend e.g all grunge, all prep etc. Its a mix and match. one for all.

    xx EllynSheyr

  14. Congrats!! Great article and so interesting! Love it :) x

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  16. adorei, e parabens pelo artigo

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