September 22, 2011

Say Goodbye to London...

Com o fim da semana da moda em Londres, chega a vez de Milão mostrar o que tem de melhor. 
Mas antes de passar à semana de moda em Milão, quero deixar algumas das que achei serem as melhores fotografias de street style da capital inglesa.
Sendo a London Fashion Week uma das passarelas mais vanguardistas e criativas do mundo, que deixam conhecer muitos dos novos talentos no mundo da moda, também quem assiste tende a mostrar a sua extravagância.

With the end of London Fashion Week, it's time for Milan to show what they have best.
But before I go further with Milan Fashion Week, I want to post here some of what I thought were the best street style photos of England's Capital.
Being London Fashion Week one of the most avant-garde and creative runway of the world, that showcases many young and new talents of the fashion world, it's only natural that the ones who attend it present themselves equally extravagant.


 Harriet Stewart

 Mary Charteris

 Poppy Delevigne


  1. love the street style pictures

  2. Loving these pictures, Poppy Delevigne looks divine! xoxo, Veena <3

  3. Those streetstyles are perfect (the cross dress is really something!)

  4. ive always wanted to attend a fashion runway show, but i've slowly realized that i wouldn't look as fierce as ANYbody there. just look at your pictures - everybody has their own little flair that makes them stand out and downright fashionable.

    *sigh. well, a girl can dream.

  5. ahhh they all look SO amaze!! love the first ensemble! x

  6. Giras, giras, giras ! E as de Paris também já andam por aí : ))

    Beijinhos ***

  7. I love those pants Poppy is wearing!!


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